Business domain consists of 3 segments which are related to the globally-concerned environment and are essential to people's life :"WARTER"and"GREEN"

Water Purifier Business

≫ Created epic-making "Industry-First" concept :

    "Built-in Water Purifier" Faucet

≫ Cumulative over 600,000 registered end-users

6-Stage switching

6-Stage switching


Flow of raw water removes the dust attached in the cartridge


Water Purifier Business

≫ Trailblazed with a new-concept "slide-style" one-touch nozzle
≫ Compact, Easy-to-use, Sophisticated-design models

Compact Nozzle

  • - Conpact design
  • - Single-handed one-touch operations
  • - 4 types of watering :
      Cone, Straight, Stream, Shower

Wing Six

  • - Single-handed one-touch operations
  • - Wide-range watering with wide nozzle
  • - 5 types of watering :
      Cone, Straight, Stream, Shower, Stop
      + Adjustable Flow

Aurora "nano"

  • - All-in-one storage system
  • - Compact design
      W141xL280xH254mm for 10m hose
      W168xL343xH302mm for 15m /20m hose
  • - "Compact Nozzle" equiped

Greenery Business

≫ Rooftop garden landscaping through "orignal know-hows" as a water-related-product manufacturer
≫ Total support from planning, construction to maintenance, in accordance with respective customer's needs